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Links to Other Activist Calendars

Most of these calendars are better resources for up to date local protest information than

(Email list only)



(Last Updated January '98)


(Hasn't been updated recently)


(Animal Rights)

(CNT - Anarchist)


(Hasn't been updated recently)

(Generic Leftists)



(Animal Rights)


Peace Action has a of events relating to nuclear energy and weapons. They have listed anniversaries and other happenings if you want to find a day to hold a protest.

Check out other activist sites on webrings.

Links to Progressive Sites

a biotechnology newswire covering local, regional, and international news and events concerning biotechnology issues.

has a very good directory of progressive sites.

is an on-line magazine and resource center for activists, journalists, students...anyone who is interested in human rights, social justice and corporate accountability.

a UK based direct action politics and culture web zine.

is a group of activists doing work with mostly police brutality, death penalty, and mumia issues. They've got some loose connection to the

is a very good organization which provides objective news that is being left out of the corporate media.

is the source for info about Diallo killing and what people are doing to protest it.

is an awesome zine about politics and being a college kid. Good shit.

a nice little magazine about anarchism.

First aid for radicals and activists

has a great collection of articles an resources about anarchism, race, and other issues.

addresses of race and whiteness in our society. It's from our good friends at the collective.

is a UK magazine for the radical and green left (critique of the New Labour project, international and UK radical news, local green initiatives and direct democracy)

The Online Journal of Feminist Construction.

is a radical left group of Switzerland and is engaged in the struggle against racism, sexism and capitalism.

is an anti-car environmental magazine.

is a program at Queens College in labor and community organizing.

is being organized for Calgary June 11-15 2000.

is a good site, lots of links, and articles about the conservative american anti-war movement, yes such a thing does exist.

is a group of creative activists based in New York City using new media to challenge social injustice.

is dedicating to cataloguing the Critical Mass bicycle activist movement worldwide.

collaboration between media makers and activists and makes their work more widely available. Funny that's what I thought we were doing with ....

an awesome political commentary news from big names with insightful ideas.

is a news service service covering the "South" & Third World issues.

Culture Jammers Headquarters - They beat out for the 2000 Webby Award for best Activist site on the net.

Consumers Against Food Engineering

is a network of anarchists in new york city.

is an ACLU run site that works to 'ending racial profiling on our nation's highways.' The ACLU was also nominated for the Activism Webby.

are the kind of union that stands proud and says "Workers of the World Unite!"

A commie group that has done some major and effective organizing around police brutality, Mumia, and Iraq. Their website needs a designer.

is a radical group cutting to the root of the battles over labor, the environment, and human rights, that root being corporate power. My only question is why they reform not abolition of corporations.

is a uk based green group that does some lobbing and some direct action.

is mostly about green party politics in california.

a radio program from KPFA in Berkeley, hosted by Dennis Bernstein.

is a news website of people trying to revive the left wing of the democratic party in the US.

is a site about a long standing protest to fullfill Martin Luther King's dream.

is a clearing house of net human rights resources with a focus on Latin America.

and his television program are nifty and political in a populist couch potato kind of a way.

talks about kent state shooting survior Alan Canfora and his work including updates about upcoming Kent demonstrations, actions, annual May 4 commemorations, etc.

devoted to the activist campaign for NYC's community gardens & other public spaces

combines radical politics and concrete action to improve people's lives, with over 130 chapters worldwide.

March 26-28 1999, at MIT, check it out, it's good shit.

non-corporate online social change bookstore.

is a Russian radical activist news site.

a US citizen held in Peru for political crimes, such as writing about the conditions of the poor.

is a group from my home town which is working on reigning in corporate power and bringing democracy back to the people.

based in Deerfield, MA, works with Iraq related issues, ending the sanctions and bombings, and other importiant stuff.

is a cool online feminist magazine. (I'm probally the 0.01% of readership that's male, but hey, it's good writing about importiant stuff.)

is another movement to get oil companies to play fair. This time they've been violating civil-rights.

uses video and communications technology to fight for human rights. Working in partnership with human rights activists around the globe, WITNESS documents abuses and brings the evidence before courts, governments, the media, and the world.

The Liberal and Radical Youth Movement of the European Union.

is a neat website where people can post incidents of police abuse and find out about other reports.

20,000 Oregonians working together to promote economic fairness by organizing people to build their political skills, leadership, and strength to win greater opportunity for all.

is a youth culture and politics magazine from the folks who do .

The Black Action Network

an anti-bob jones university site.

is a site dedicated to reminding bush that he lost the election by the popular vote.

You know the bit, stop the death penalty by the year 2000. Pages are in Italian and English.

is a story that ran in the Miami Hearld about how the marxist revolutionaries in Columbia are enforcing strong protection for the environment. I think this is probally the first real group of actual eco-terrorists.

is walking across the country to bring attention to the corrupt political finance system in the US. This is a perfect example of effective direct action, she's gotten a lot of media attention, and is bring attention an importiant issue.

is an award-winning publisher, an environmental education organization, and a communications and support network for grassroots environmental and community organizations across North America.

protests are when a bunch of people take over a street and hold a huge party. Depending on their feelings they sometimes do the community a service by depaving it in the process.

is a print and online socio/political magazine.

is another anarchist website with info about what's happening in London.

Global Day of Action against Capitalism.

A website with first person stories of Womens Issues.

Bringing Down the Machine, Lifting People Up
Make Pies, Not War

a little ditty in The Atlantic Monthly wrote about and other related websites.

helps to publicize his plight in his own words from out of the dungeon at pelican bay state prison. Mumia Abu-Jama called Ruchell Magee "longest held political prisoner in the United States."

, another innocent man on death row in Pennsylvania alongside Mumia Abu Jamal. There is now an international campaign to get Justice For Jimmy.

a Straight Edge e-zine.

is a provocative zine which is bent on eliminating race as a social category, eradicating oppression, and white supremacy.

is "a website dedicated to nurturing a global black network." They have a yahoo like directory of sites and search engine that has indexed the sites they have listed. I think.

, a mailing list for organizing welfare recipients and fighting workfare internationally.

, an organization of revolutionary socialists in germany in contact with the Socialist Workers Party in GB.

is an environmental education and action organization located in California's San Francisco Bay area. Their mission is to help people discover and strengthen their connection and concern for the natural environment through education and hands-on, action-oriented activities.

has info on an important radical environmental and social justice leader who fought for the preservation of ancient redwood forests. Judi did a tremendous amount to bring an understanding of labor politics into the Earth First! movement.

99香蕉视频app the "underground" liberal newspaper of Atlanta dating from the 1960s. Most of our regular columnists maintain their own homepages and archived articles; they are linked directly from here. THE BIRD hosts the drive to establish a formal LIBERAL PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES.

Ward Valley is located 18 miles from the Colorado River west of Needles, CA just off I-40. California Governor Pete Wilson and the nuclear power industry hope to buy long-lived radioactive waste in unlined trenches above an aquifer connected to the River via five potential pathways.

Join thousands of Canadians across the country working together to build a better Canada by taking on corporate crime and undemocratic government.

An anti-TV group.

99香蕉视频app An online forum for the Youth Rights movement

The UnOfficial Guide To

is a DC based Animal Rights group.

99香蕉视频app ex-squat-house in Copenhagen

is a cool old school radical international union.

talks about the evils of some corp's and why they should be boycotted.

Covering London and Southeast England with listings of protests, raves, and festivals.

99香蕉视频app Find out about the 'left' political cult that has many front groups around the US. This is an extreme example of what authoritarian systems can do to good people.

The Militant, Direct Action Magazine of Grassroots Animal Liberationists & Their Supporters

of the Pioneer Valley Ma Vigil for Peace and Justice.

has helped set up a web site giving the public the opportunity to send an automated email to 41 members of Congress who serve on committees which directly oversee the FCC.

99香蕉视频app Laboratory managers/decision makers considering the purchase of new analytical instrumentation should peruse this important information. Buyer BEWARE after learning about "the other side of Shimadzu."

works in the christian peace movement.

99香蕉视频app is Russia's best known newspaper of the Soviet era is modern Russia's voice in opposition in politic economics and social change Pravda presents different perspective on Russian life and politics and is vital to understanding changes in Russia.

is a LA based Progressive Newspaper and Calendar.

reality tours to Central America, Mexico, Southern Africa and the Asia/Pacific region.

BC Canada based indigenous resistance/rights group.

a website about the book by the same name.

99香蕉视频app is an active voice in protesting against the drug war.

has pictures and information about verious famous people being 'pied.'

is a satirical site that denegrates and celebrates the casual arrogance and hypocrisies of corporate media and politics.

has news from Yugoslavia about the NATO war.

publishes banned, censored, and sensitive poltical documents from all over the world.

99香蕉视频app contains a yahoo like links page to other activists sites, a calendar of protests, discussion boards, and a bunch of nice photo journalism pieces from protests.


99香蕉视频app is a progressive writer, radio talk show host and TV commentator.

is a civil rights group in India.

works to help imprisoned journalists.

proposes some sort of progressive tax system based on 'useage fees.'



has an exhaustive of links to some progressive and some not so progressive poltical sites.

essays by Robert Paul Reyes that appear in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Sites related to the war in the Balkans
is a site calling for NATO to tried for violating the UN and NATO charters, and other International Treaties.



against The Nato's war.

features the daily writing of a 21-year-old Serbian woman living in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Want to exchange links? email me and let's set it up.
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