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In the interest of improving I'm trying to get feedback on the site. Although it may take a while, I'm working on redesigning the site to improve navigation, useablity, and offer new features. Please take a few moments to fill out this form so I can have a better understanding of where to take in the future. Please try and answer the questions as best you can. If none of the given options applies then just leave the section blank. As always you can email me at

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Looking for events to attend. Keeping up-to-date on other causes.
Keeping tabs on subversives. Researching a cause or movement.
Looking for a way to get involved.  
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Currently I run by myself in my spare time. I've been thinking about trying to find people who'd be willing to help run a regional calendar to keep the listings more up to date.

Other Comments Include your email address if you want me to reply.

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