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To add your event to, click on the link below that best describes your location. Fill out the form that will appear, and then click the Add Event button at the bottom of the screen.
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Southwest            South can be powerful publicity and networking tool, but not without your help. We look for events and post as many as we can find, but our small staff cannot possibly keep up with every protest, march, meeting, and vigil around the world. If you are organizing an event, posting it here is likley the most publicity you can get in return for five minutes of effort. If you aren't an organizer, but know about about an event from a mailing list, world of mouth, or a flyer you saw downtown, please take the time to post it. The millions of people out there who want to do something but just don't know where start will appreciate it. A word of caution: we won't censor events that involve violence or suprise, but posting them would be extremly foolish on your part.

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